Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Battle Wounds

Another off gym day...having a lot of trouble mentally with my full cleans. It's all weight I've done before/am positive I can do, but something in my brain just blocks me and I freak. It's so frustrating! I feel like I've made no progress over the summer (which is not true, but that feeling is so nagging).

Did a few squats today...only up to 135 but every rep up to 95 was ATG and 115+ was a few inches below parallel. I don't count squats unless they're below parallel. I admit I do get judge-y when I see people do quarter squats or half squats. I'm sure I could half-squat an impressive amount of weight...definitely at least 1.5xBW...but that's nothing compared to a lighter but real, true competition-ready squat.

Speaking of technique, check out these lovely trophies from my improved snatch form!

I got my hip drive down. My banged-up upper thigh proves it.

Loving light snatches for cardio, though! Doing sets of 10 with even just 20-30lbs is exhausting! Also helps me work on my balance.

Too many things to do, not enough time. I have to try to squeeze some gym time in tomorrow if I can!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wow wow wow, long time no update! It's been so hectic. We found an apartment (a different one!), signed a lease, drove four hours to the nearest IKEA and bought tons and tons of furniture, and everything has been all-around crazy. My gym time has taken a hit with all of the things to do...not to mention my diet...and it probably won't be too much better over the next two and a half weeks until we move (that soon!), but I look forward to getting everything back in check. So many things to blog about!

I did get three of Urban Decay's new lipsticks (that I adore! Hopefully will post about those soon!), and placed a spontaneous order from UD's website for mattifying powder, a sale shadow box, and a clear lip liner, which is something I have been needing for a long while. Sometimes I feel like I just should sign my paycheck over to UD. Or Sephora. Or Nordstrom. Or Neiman's.

What have I been up to? Here's a peek from my Instagram...

Row 1: Lipstick organization (!), Trying out Urban Decay's new Revolution lipstick in Anarchy
Row 2: Le Metier de Beaute: Polish in ShocKEN Pink! and Kaleidoscope in Eagle's Envy
Row 3: Cuddly Waffles, and deadlift bruises with kettlebell swings

PCAT review has lagged behind, which is something I need to catch up on. I had a few good gym days followed by kind of a drought lately, but my snatches have gotten much better form-wise. I have the bruises to prove it! I'm looking forward to definitely improving those. The boyfriend says I have a bit of a natural inclination towards them, and I hope he's right!

On that note, it's late and I have to wrangle up at least some energy for tomorrow. Work, hopefully putting at least one piece of furniture together, PCAT review, and gym time. Never enough time. Never enough lipstick. Alas, such is the life.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Crazy times! Been apartment hunting recently, so that's taken up a lot of time. We took a detour yesterday and went to Niagara Falls, since my boyfriend had never seen them. They get less exciting the tenth or so time, but they're still kind of neat. All the surrounding area is so tacky and touristy, though!

Had some pretty nice workouts this week, though. Bench press wasn't too awesome, barely hit 75lbsx3. Sometimes I have really off bench days, mostly because my arms are so, so short that to unrack even with a liftoff I have to lose a bunch of tightness. Deadlift wasn't too bad, though! 145lbsx5, probably could have pulled for more but I was pretty tired. I went through a pretty long period where my squat was higher than my deadlift, so to see it start to increase has been awesome.

Hope everyone is well! Summer's coming to an end more quickly than I'd like, so let's enjoy it while it lasts!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fabulousness: Favorite Shimmering Silver Shadow

It's time for Friday Fabulousness! This week is...

Favorite Shimmering Silver Shadow

Chanel always has fun and interesting shades and formulas, so when I read about Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Shadow ($36), I was fascinated. When I saw Epatant? I was sold.

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long Wear Luminous Shadow in Epatant

The formula itself is most like a mousse, I guess. It's very unique! Kind of squishy, as weird as that sounds. It comes with a little shadow/liner brush that usually I wouldn't think twice about but actually happens to be perfect. It's smooth and shimmery, and while I don't use this shade in particular as a liner, can double as that.

Epatant is a beautiful silver with slight green undertones, which is originally what sold me on it. I love a good green! It's a unique color and you only need a little bit to smooth over the lid and you're set. Long wearing? You bet!

Epatant (with flash)

Epatant (without flash)

It's available at Chanel, your favorite counter, or any site that carries Chanel cosmetics (Macy's, Nordstrom, whatever you please!).

Thursday, July 11, 2013

What a rough few days! I've been coming down with these horrid migraines that have pretty much been incapacitating. I haven't been to the gym for a few days, which sucks and I hate it, so headache or not I'm pushing through for an intense workout tonight. C&Js and deadlifts, probably!

On a personal note, I've decided to take the PCATs in the fall, which are the entrance exam for pharmacy school. I had originally wanted to go to medical school, but it seems like less of a realistic and plausible option now than it was when I was 18 and just entering undergrad. So I'm planning lots of review, from the very beginning!

Taking a quick gen chem break today to paint my nails, though...

Hopefully I'll be feeling better, gymming more, and will get back to regular posting!

Monday, July 8, 2013

First and foremost, check out these fabulous new lipsticks from Urban Decay's fall launch! Aren't they to die for? I'm already dying for at least one of them. Maybe two. Or ten.

Yesterday was a fab squat day, I hit 135lbsx5! That was a pretty neat achievement, since I remember when I couldn't even squat a plate for one rep. I'd like to hit 155lbs soon!

Today was just cardio...kettlebell swings, lots of hang snatches for reps, some light sumo deadlifts into cleans. Nothing special. Hope everyone is well!

Keep reading for my workout!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bench PR!

Yesterday was bench press day! Not normally my favorite day, but I've been getting better at it so obviously I've been liking it more now :)

Not the most flattering of pics, but if you follow my Instagram you can check out some lovely makeup shots and hopefully the occasional more attractive photos...

Anywho, bench press! Set a new PR for reps...70lbsx7! I remember when I couldn't do 70lbsx1, so that's super cool. I'm worried that my weights will drop because I'm making my diet a lot stricter and adding cardio to drop some body fat, but I hope not too much. I'm itching for a new 1RM, as always.

Today is squat day! Squat day is the best day.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday Fabulousness: Favorite Garish Gold

Fridays are my off days, so I figured I'd do something fun. Every Friday, I'll showcase one of my favorite fabulous beauty products. This week's Friday Fabulousness is...

Favorite Garish Gold

It took me a while to understand that neutrals can be fun and sassy. Urban Decay's Naked palettes are the main culprits behind my love of fabulous neutrals, but occasionally I'll see a bold palette that I just have to pick up. My skin leans neutral, so I can pull off most colors, so when I saw BareMinerals's The Star Treatment palette, one particular shade caught my eye.

I was never a BareMinerals fan, finding most loose products too troublesome and messy. However, I'd read rave reviews about their new Ready Eyeshadow formula, and decided to take the plunge. I was not disappointed! My favorite shade...and the main reason I bought the palette...was this bright, warm, coppery gold called Connoisseur.

BareMinerals READY Eyeshadow 8.0 in The Star Treatment
(Connoisseur is top row, second from left)

Connoisseur (without flash)

Connoisseur (with flash)

Isn't it just fantastic? It's so smooth and pigmented it's almost ridiculous. The whole palette in itself is lovely and gets tons of use (even with all of the neutrals I own), but this shade is one-of-a-kind. Unfortunately, the palette was limited edition and I can't seem to find it anywhere. But if you managed to snag it, lucky you! It's definitely one that I'm glad I purchased on a whim.

Hope everyone had a good holiday, if you celebrated, and had a good few days otherwise if you didn't!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lovely Lipstick and Workin' it Out Overtime

Happy 4th to all (particularly those of us here in the US, but I hope everyone else has a spectacular day as well)!

Unfortunately, the past few days have been a little rough. Got in part of a workout on Tuesday and didn't go for cardio yesterday, so I had the bright idea of fitting EVERYTHING in today (since Friday is my off day).

Before we get into the nitty gritty stuff, what would a blog called "Lifting in Lipstick" be without showing you the lipstick in which I lifted today? Tragic, that's what. Here's a favorite nude shade...

Tom Ford Lip Color in Blush Nude

Now for the workout...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cardio for People Who Hate Cardio

I hate cardio. Running sucks. The elliptical sucks less, but still sucks. But my body is not where I want it to be, and unfortunately adding cardio is the best way to remedy that.

So yesterday I did this:

3 sets of the following:

  • 10 reps sumo deadlift at 65lbs, directly into 5 full cleans with the same 65lbs
and 5 sets of 20 kettlebell swings at 8kg.

It was better than running, that's for sure. Whenever someone suggests running or elliptical or whatnot for cardio, I would always shrug and just be like, "Can't I just lift weights faster?". So I'm going to start incorporating cardio into my routine, probably only twice a week since I lift 4 days, but that's twice more than I was doing before.

(I did knock myself in the knee with the kettlebell, though, which is now lovely and purple and blue.)

Today is clean and jerk day! My shoulders have been off, so I'm a bit worried, but I'm hoping for the best.

Eyeshadow palette I'm wearing today? Eyeshadow palette I'm wearing today:

Le Metier de Beaute Eye Kaleidoscope in Penelope

Now to pick a lipstick for the gym and off I go!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Chanel Le Blush Creme de Chanel in Fantastic

Chanel released six creme blushes for their Fall 2013 collection, and being the creme blush fiend I am, I had to check them out. Now, I'm very pale but a huge fan of dramatic shades (I love a good bold lip, eye, or cheek!), so I gravitated towards the deepest rose shade: Fantastic.

Daring, right? If I see a shade that I love and am not sure that I could pull it off, that just makes it extra fun for me. I love a challenge!

Fantastic Without Flash, Heavy and Blended 

Fantastic With Flash, Heavy and Blended

Although it looks like two totally different blushes with and without flash, it demonstrates both the lovely rose and fuchsia undertones. Let it be known that even the blended swatch is still quite heavy and can easily be sheered further. I use my fingertips to apply and a stippling brush to blend it in. It's not as creamy as, say, Le Metier de Beaute's Creme Fresh Tints, and more closely resembles YSL's Creme de Blush in texture, particularly in the way it dries.

Right now I have a sheer layer of it topped with Edward Bess Quad Royale in Monte Carlo for a slight peach shimmer, and I think it's perfectly lovely! It's much more wearable than you'd think, even on pale skin such as mine.

Verdict: A deep fuchsia rose that is more wearable than you'd expect!

Fantastic (and all the other shades) retail for $38 and can be found at your local Chanel counter or currently online at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.