About Me

I hate these things so much. I think I'm particularly boring.

  • I'm 26 and live in NY (the part of the state that's not the city).
  • I have my bachelor's in biology and am pursuing a Pharm.D. This is either because I'm an eternal student, don't know what to do with my time other than science and go on the internet, or want to put off real life until I'm at least 30. Or any combination of the above.
  • DOGS! I love dogs. Some people are cat people. I'm not one of those people. I have two ferrets, Waffles and Murray, who have their own page because they're fantastic.
  • I'm relatively petite (5'2 on a good day) and nothing fits me because I have wide hips, giant legs, and a small waist. My work pants come from the girls' department because I don't care, I can get them cheaper, and I'm the size of a fat child, I guess.
  • If I had to name my four favorite things, in no particular order, they would be: science, puppies, makeup, weightlifting.
  • I love makeup, but somehow never learned to dress myself. But I'm trying.

This is me and my fat ferret Waffles. It's an old picture because he's fatter now.

I wholeheartedly believe that Disney World is the best place in the universe.

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