Weightlifting: Not just for dudes

I was never athletic. In high school, I was a science nerd and a drama kid. I hated gym class. I hated anything exercise-related. That just wasn't me.

In the very beginning of 2012, I met my boyfriend through the tutoring center that we both worked at (we were both science tutors). He was very into the gym, particularly powerlifting. I didn't get it. Pick things up, put them down. Eventually he pressured me into going to the gym with him. I did cardio, machines, traditional "girl-at-the-gym" stuff. Nothing new or exciting. One day, after he had asked many times to let him teach me to really lift weights, I agreed. That day I learned to squat (barely the bar!) and deadlift (a whole whopping 65lbs).

However, I'm not in the shape I used to be. Between 2013-2014, school took a toll, applying for pharmacy school took a toll, and life all-around went a little off the rails for me so I wasn't lifting as much as I used to. I'm trying to get back into the groove, which is hard when I'm feeling down or anxious or self-conscious. I hope once my life gets back into a regular schedule (at least sort of), I can get back into a regular routine!

I don't really care what anybody says or thinks about girls at the gym. I do my own thing. My high-top chucks are bright pink. My oly lifting shoes are pink. I generally have lipstick on (hence the title of the blog). I wear it everywhere else, why not to the gym?

I know I'm not particularly strong yet, but I'm dedicated to getting better and wanted to share my lifting experiences with others!

Current PRs (as of 7/2014)
(weight between 105-115 lbs, all RAW)
Squat: 145lbs
Deadlift: 190lbs
Bench: 80lbs
Clean: 90lbs

Short Term Goals (within the next year)
(ideally at 105lbs/~48kg weight class, RAW)
Squat: 175lbs
Deadlift: 225lbs
Bench: 105lbs
Clean: 115lbs
C&J: 95lbs
Snatch: 85lbs

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