Sunday, July 27, 2014

Reanimating the Frankenblog: It's Alive!

I swear I'm going to start blogging again, with all of the blame directed at my friend Beth (whose blog Epise of Cake you should check out, y'all). Things are hectic right now...I'm moving this Wednesday and have basically nothing (read: actually, literally nothing) packed, or clean, or organized so no guarantees on how regular posts will be until things get set up and in some sort of routine, but I'm hoping this will help get me back on track with, well, life.

On the personal front, things with the boyfriend went pretty south...we're kind of "separated", not together but not really single, I guess?...and I'm living on my own next year. To say it's been devastating is an understatement. The past few weeks have been rough to say the very least, and I'm trying my best to get through them in one piece. I had to find an apartment on really short notice, and it's really at the very end of my budget, but I'm trying to stay optimistic.

However! I did get into pharmacy school and have orientation starting August 11th and classes starting the 18th, which is pretty cool and something I'm trying to use as a big positive to balance out the whole avalanche of negatives I've been bombarded by as of late.

The gym spent a lot of time at the back of my mind being so busy, and I'm working on getting back into that. I've lost a lot of strength that will hopefully come back at least moderately quickly. It's tough not to feel discouraged when I go.

I do have a whole ton of new makeup, though (of course), and look forward to making a whole bunch of great posts about that! I also have to learn how to dress myself because there's a dress code for school, and that will be an adventure.

To end things on a wonderful note and not just a wall-o-text, here is Waffles just doing Waffles.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the unplanned migration of your relationship, but congrats on pharmacy school! So proud of all you have accomplished. ��

    1. Hopefully things will improve on that front, but thank you :) I'm mostly just glad I have a plan for the next 4 years! <3