Monday, September 2, 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Native

By now, most of you (or probably all of you!) have heard of Urban Decay's new Revolution lipstick line. With 22 fantastic shades, there's one...or more...for everyone. I fell in love with, say, at least half of them, and picked a few to try out the formula and I've been nothing but impressed! One of my most-used shades is the light pink Native, which works as a nice pinky-nude on me.

Gorgeous, isn't it? The packaging is a sleek purple-gunmetal, which is always lovely. The formula itself is creamy but not too thick, a little bit thinner than Too Faced's La Creme formula and with more slip.

Native (with flash)

Native (no flash)

As you can tell, it's definitely one of the lighter colors in the range, but for those of us who are crazy pale, it's perfect perfect perfect for a no-fuss goes-with-everything lip. Being such a light color, this shade in particular doesn't wear as long as the brighter colors (which have unbelievable wear time), but it's quite long-lasting and the formula isn't drying whatsoever so it's a dream to wear.

Native and all of the other shades ($22) can be purchased from Urban Decay's site, and all of the shades minus the two exclusive to UD's site (Protest and Strip) are at your local Sephora!

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