Friday, August 23, 2013


It lives! Moving was the biggest hassle...everything went wrong, from the truck to the internet company screwing us over to the boyfriend leaving his phone in the truck and having to drive home the next day to get it.

The place is still a mess, even though it's been almost a week! We both just have SO much stuff. Yesterday I picked up the ferrets, who are now living in their new giant ferret palace that I put together for them. I think they like it.

We may have found a gym, which is awesome because it's a great price and very close. Nothing around here has bumper plates except for one gym very far away and, of course, crossfit gyms. Crossfit isn't my thing for a few different reasons (in particular, the cost), so I was delighted when the girl at this new gym said I could bring my own. I may pick up a pair of 10lb ones just to work off of for cleans and whatnot.

Just a quick starts for me next week but at least I'll finally be in a routine instead of a constant chaotic scramble, so hopefully I can get to blogging regularly!

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