Monday, July 29, 2013

Wow wow wow, long time no update! It's been so hectic. We found an apartment (a different one!), signed a lease, drove four hours to the nearest IKEA and bought tons and tons of furniture, and everything has been all-around crazy. My gym time has taken a hit with all of the things to do...not to mention my diet...and it probably won't be too much better over the next two and a half weeks until we move (that soon!), but I look forward to getting everything back in check. So many things to blog about!

I did get three of Urban Decay's new lipsticks (that I adore! Hopefully will post about those soon!), and placed a spontaneous order from UD's website for mattifying powder, a sale shadow box, and a clear lip liner, which is something I have been needing for a long while. Sometimes I feel like I just should sign my paycheck over to UD. Or Sephora. Or Nordstrom. Or Neiman's.

What have I been up to? Here's a peek from my Instagram...

Row 1: Lipstick organization (!), Trying out Urban Decay's new Revolution lipstick in Anarchy
Row 2: Le Metier de Beaute: Polish in ShocKEN Pink! and Kaleidoscope in Eagle's Envy
Row 3: Cuddly Waffles, and deadlift bruises with kettlebell swings

PCAT review has lagged behind, which is something I need to catch up on. I had a few good gym days followed by kind of a drought lately, but my snatches have gotten much better form-wise. I have the bruises to prove it! I'm looking forward to definitely improving those. The boyfriend says I have a bit of a natural inclination towards them, and I hope he's right!

On that note, it's late and I have to wrangle up at least some energy for tomorrow. Work, hopefully putting at least one piece of furniture together, PCAT review, and gym time. Never enough time. Never enough lipstick. Alas, such is the life.

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